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Google Remarketing

Google remarketing is a form of display ad, which helps increase conversion among customers, who have already visited your website or store.

Chances are you happened to visit an online store (not necessarily buying anything) and then notice its ads displayed when surfing the internet or using apps. That’s how Google Remarketing – one of the features of Google Ads – works in gist. It helps you to reconnect with users. We suggest to get familiar with it and find remarketing strategies suited to your individual business goals and to which particular users you want to display your ads to.

At Zaykon, we will increase conversion rate for you with efficient remarketing. You will notice growth in visits and frequency of displaying ads will be adjusted to avoid aggressiveness. We optimize remarketing campaigns to achieve maximum return on investment.

Before you start applying remarketing, it is essential that you understand that one of its main goals is to increase sales. If a campaign is well prepared and executed it will build brand awareness and recognition.

You browse through a store’s offer, you add products to your shopping cart but you don’t complete the transaction. Remarketing campaign shows ads of exactly the products you added to the shopping cart in the display network. Once you click the product you are redirected to its site in the store and get a chance to complete the transaction.

There was a time you had no idea brand X (that applies remarketing) even existed. While searching for something on the Internet you accidentally ran into their website. Within next few hours or days you see its ads everywhere. They are displayed on popular news portals. After a while you get to know brand X and remember it. And perhaps next time you will be looking for services or products they offer, you will choose their website.

Obviously, appropriate and suitable remarketing increases sales or leads to other desired conversion. Especially, if you implement your campaign in a right way, use the right incentive words, images or videos.

At Zaykon remarketing implementation process is very advanced and includes creating goals for micro-conversions and attribution modeling.

Standard remarketing : Shows a given ad to users who previously visited your website. You reach them as they browse sites and apps on the display network. Dynamic remarketing : Your ads will focus on exactly those products or services that visitors already viewed on your website. It is essential for online stores – visitors are reminded that the product they were looking for in the past is still waiting for them on your website. Video remarketing : Linked to your YouTube channel or other videos available on your website. Users will be reminded of your video that they already played, as they browse other videos on YouTube and other apps. Additionally, promoting your videos on YouTube can be based on visitors of your website. Remarketing lists for search ads : Shows ads to your past visitors as they continue searching for information on a given product or service on Google, after leaving your website. Customer list remarketing : Shows your ads to those who are signed into Google and have given you their contact information before.

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